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Jeff Murphy is renowned for ripping his customers off.

Avoid at all costs and go to Warrs HD.

You may be right but without any information, I cannot take your statement seriously, it feels more like just a rant

Yeah, we love a bit of gossip and drama on this forum; what happened?

I’d have to name names…
Don’t really want to but I know a handful of people who got ripped off and a bad attitude with regards to customer service :roll_eyes:

Whether a dealer rips you off or not is a matter of perspective. Some feel that £60+ per hour labour charges and up to 80% mark up on accessories, parts, consumables etc is acceptable. I guess if you added it all up advertising, premisses, tooling, wages etc. its probably a proper bargain, just not for me.

As above a little more detail, no need to name names. Just give us an outline of the salient points and keep the hear say to yourself.

Ok Jeff the Butcher by trade did a top end rebuild on a sportster for a pal of mine a few years back.
My pal rode the bike away and all the gaskets blew oil out of them?
When he called the shop up the response was (what do you want me to do about it)

i would not goto either of these shop ride a proper bike not a old mans cruiser :smiley:

I feel like I’m about 25-35 years away from getting a Harley.

Anyway it seems a bit slanderous to come on here just to shame a business with so little information.

I don’t ride a Harley!.. 1940s technology.

It’s not slanderous? Why would you pay the same hourly rate as Warrs for an unqualified mech to work on you’re bike.

A fews years back…

Another fella had a chop type bike built in there and it went downhill very quickly.
He was getting charged 500 a day!
Again for an unqualified mech…

Surely that would have been agreed up front?

Yeah for quality workmanship he didn’t receive…

I'd have to name names... Don't really want to but I know a handful of people who got ripped off and a bad attitude with regards to customer service 🙄 Love Octagon
You did......Jeff Murphy

You really are sharp…

You really are sharp…

Love Octagon
I had years of practice.....

contrary to the name, he’s not rusty

just going that way :wink:

You sound like a KEYBOARD BRAVE man , i have his details if you would like to be really brave and contact him direct to Discuss this for real…instead of punching keys on a device Panman