Riverbank motorcycles

Hello guys,

I´m thinking about taking the bike to a shop called riverbank motorcycles on east london just by the A12. It´s very local to where I live.

Any opinions? I talked to a guy there today and he seemed nice, we discused prices and they seemed very reasonable. But I just want to make sure.

Let me know if you have had any experiences with them in the past.


Don’t know the guy but if I was in that area, I’d take it over to Essential Rubber - only a mile or so down the road…

+1 for Essential Rubber ( http://www.essentialrubbertyres.co.uk ). Even though there is a tyre place 2 miles up the road from me, I’d rather go to Mick at ES even if it is an extra 30 minutes away. Great service from a top guy.

I went to check ER on Saturday, I did my tires there, it was close due to sickness, hopefully he’ll recover soon

Snap went there on Saturday for a new front tyre
I’ll have to go back next Saturday

Twice I have been to ER having read about them on here, and on both occasions, they never had my tyre in stock. Went to Watling. Job done x 2.

don’t you ring first? and get them top order what you want? next day delivery if you ring in the morning y’know.

In 30 + years of biking, have never had the need to.

Anyway, I think we’re going a bit off topic slightly :laugh: