Ripped up tyres!

Having looked through the Brands gallery this morning (very good it is too) I noticed the mullered tyres all crispy and burnt. I have seen that on road bikes before. I thought you could only get em like that on track. Or is it just that some people buy part worns from the track?

You should check out Fasta Rasta’s tyres on his Gixxer thou … I have never seen tyres so fried or ripped-up before on a road bike!!! … and he did it riding on the road!!

You can absolutely muller tyres on the road, no problems at all.

True, you can get good wear on the roads, though I don’t know many people who can, or do this, but I know a LOT of people who buy part-worns from racers and claim they did it themselves on the road! Terry, don’t believe everything you hear mate!

Personally I don’t push the tyres that hard on the road, only the track, that’s the place for hard riding.

Thought so. I know a lot of people that ride quick on the road and have never got tyres like that. I guess the surface and being constantly on the sides of the tyre does it on the track.

Yeah, far more lean angle at the track, and you’re either on the brakes, or on the power (well, you should be at least). Are you coming to Silverstone next month to watch us mate? Or how about doing the 'day?!

You know how hard Chris rides Tel? Ever seen his tyres ripped up like that?

That’s the diff between track riding and road riding - at least for me. Fair play to those who do get their tyres roughed up on the road, but I can’t help thinking they’re heading for a big off.

nurburgring is good place to shred your tyres. Even one lap round and it looks scary.

Would love to come and watch, I cant risk binning my bike I am skint at the mo and if I did bin it there is no way I could afford to repair it

Thats what I thought his tyres look no different to yours or mine so you must need to really hack it some to the point of it being dangerous.