RIP Sir Sterling Moss

Goodbye to a legend. He was the greatest driver to never win the F1 championship.

One of my boyhood heroes and I had the good fortune to meet him a couple of times.

Absolute gent and fitting that the tag legend really does apply to him.

RiP Sterling and thank you


What a driver, gentleman and a true legend.

I remember him telling the story of being stopped by police on the A40 Westway - when it was still the A40(M) and motorway rules applied - on his scooter with a 4 st. bag of cement on the running board of the scooter. His scooter wasn’t allowed on the A40(M) but he was happy to bend the rules. The bag of cement was for one of his property developments. He retired from racing penniless and property-developed his way into affluence; designed and built his own mews house.

When the journalist queried why he didn’t drive a van, or even an estate car, he replied that one must always pick the best vehicle for the job and scooters are unbeatable in London.

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