Rip Off Britain Part 105 - CSG Sliders at 150% of German price...

No names of UK dealer mentioned but I don’t see how this is justifiable…

Looking at GSG Sliders … German manufacturer has them listed as £74 including taxes but not delivery…

UK dealer has the same sliders for sale at … £110 including tax but not delivery.

THATS a whopping 150% increase - not including the fact that the UK Dealer buys them at cost… Mad

Why do they take the piss??? Really pisses me off.

Thats a bloody good idea… especially German Ebay.

Re GSG - their website is all in German - and I can only say Ein zwei drei… HANG ON A MINUTE!

Do you speak German then Drei???

SPIDERS! I just bought some Alpinestars GP Techs… from INfinity!

Cheers Drei - you’re gonna save me a fortune

150% increase?? I make it about 68%.

Actually, 48.65%.

He weren’t far off then!!!

Ok ok - I’m no accountant - original price =100% plus 48% increase = 148% of Geman price ( ok nit pickers I know postage will be more…:rolleyes

Still a big rip-off-ee

There seem to be a few issues with ALpinestars sizes on gloves - I’ve heard some say always buy a sizw larger!

My L’s only just fit but after 2 months are beging to feel ok - I guess a tight glove is preferable.

I’m with you on this one. He needs to go back to school!! I hear it’s very good!!

Rather than wasting your money why don’t you just go to a shop, view the goods, compare the goods,Try some stuff on, get the right size, get a warrenty where you can just return the goods if you need to, get a years warrenty, build a rappor with the trader, get a good deal?

Seems logical to me!