RIP Norman Wisdom

Just heard he passed away aged 95 what a legend rest in peace.

Sad to hear but inevitable i suppose! Should be loads of his films on the tv over the next few weeks.

I met him once at the IOM TT, year 2000. He lived over there. He loved bikes and talking to the bikers. Top man! A fine life.

RIP :frowning:

a fine comedian and a great loss.

his autobiography’s worth a read too.

My parents took me to see all of his films as they were released.

I hated them all, and I hated his humour of incompetence.

RIP, but I’m not sorry to see the passing of your trade.

One of the best slapstick comedians ever.


Just came back from the IOM last night and didn’t know about it…:crying:

He was a hero over there because he never ever refused any request big or small anyone made of him,

A true gent , a legend and a whole part of my childhood.

You made me laugh Norman… lots…:cool::laugh:

RIP Norman

RIP - you made me laugh and laugh

RIP. The whole of Albania will be in mourning.

RIP Norm - “MR GRIMSHAW…!!!”