Rioting Robs Itinerary 2012.

Rioting Robs Itinerary2012.

Germany/B500, Austria/Vorarlberg = 6th, 7th,8th, 9th of April.

Full Details to follow. ( I’ll post a thread in the rideoutsection)

Scotland = 2nd,3rd, 4th, 5th of June. (Not a definite)

Full details to follow. ( I’ll post a thread in the rideout section)

Alps road trip =7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th,12th, 13th, 14th, 15th of July

(As posted on BHB in 2011)

Going over next years possible biking trips, the first definite one will be the popular Alps road trip which will include most of the gold award biking roads but with new routes and overnight destinations.
Hotels are taking bookings for next year already, so this time around I want to get in their fast as availability to the best hotels are snapped up early every year leaving the more expensive ones as an only option.
The Dates will be: Saturday 7th July and return on Sunday 15th July 2012.“these dates are cast in stone”.
The maximum amount of bikes on this trip will be 6 inclusive of me.

Now of course there are regulars on this trip that will definitely have a spot reserved for them but leaves an option for 2 more bikes so I’m slinging this in here to see if anyone is interested in taking the available 2 slots.

If any of the regulars can’t make it then i’ll offer their space accordingly.

If there is any members on BHB/LB that would like to join us touring the Alps please show your interest here however it will not be “first come first served basis I’m afraid”, not on a trip like this one,
The reservists plus me will decide who’s in and who’s not, sorry, but to maintain harmony and insure everyone gets along this is the way it has to be done.

All progress on this trip will be available on this thread.

Attendees so far

  1. Rioting Rob = paid
  2. Djmrmagic = paid
  3. Bluelagos
  4. Pat (knowing Pat he’ll do his best to make this trip)

The plan:
Day 1. Calais to Klotten (Germany)
We’ll munch some miles and use motorways to Prum and then twisties to Cochemonto Klotten.

Day 2. Klotten (Germany) to Uhldingen (Germany)
We’ll follow the Mosel to Trittenheim before heading for the first gold awardbiking road the B500 in the Black forest, then onto Uhldingen.

Day 3. Uberlingen (Germany) to Kaprun (Austria)
From Uberlingen we’ll take the 31 down the side of Lake Constance and into thevorarlberg to hit the second gold award biking road “Silvretta high alpineroad” into the Tirol and onto kaprun.

Day 4. Kaprun (Austria) to Coredo (Italy)
Staying at Kaprun sets us up nicely for the third gold award biking roadGrossglockner high alpine pass and then down into the dolomites hitting afourth gold award biking road “Passo Giau” and then onto Coredo.

Day 5. Coredo (Italy) to Cremia (Lake Como, Italy)
This route includes Passo Del Tonelle and Passo Del’Aprica.

Day 6. Cremia (Italy) to Passugg (Switzerland)
We leave Como and head for Nicks favourite pass “Passo Di Gavia” which sets usup nicely for Stelvio pass, Umbrail Pass, Fluela Pass and Albula Pass.

Day 7. Passugg (Switzerland) to Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland)
Route includes Oberal Pass and Grimsel Pass, and then onto Lauterbrunnen.

Day 8. Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland) to Weisenbach (Germany)
Homeward bound and another play on the B500 in the heart of the Black Forest.

Day 9. Weisenbach (Germany) to Calais (France)
Motorways and home.

All Hotels are now booked.
Costs have worked out at £550.00 each so this is how it’s going to work.

I’m going to ask for £650.00 from each of you to be paid by the end of March2012, I know how you lot drink and put it on the room so this should coverthat.

Yes, the costing is a few quid more than last year but the difference this timeround is everybody has their own room, so no more moaning about snoring, Nicksguts, etc, etc.

All rooms have been booked with free cancellation, so no one is tied in at thisstage……only those that have paid will go on the list as definitely in on thisone.

I’ll book the Train after Christmas and post times here, once you’ve paid andare in, you can book your train.

Of course costing will be done after the trip and any beer monies owing will berefunded on return.

Please note:
The £650.00 minus the £100.00 beer money is a non refundable deposit, once thefree cancellation period runs out, hotels still have to be paid, so if youdecide you cannot make it come the last minute for whatever reason or breakdownon route, crash the bike, whatever the reason this payment is non refundable.

So if any of you are interested in any of these trips pleasepost on this thread, If any of you are interested in the Alps road trip then PM me.

You going to be down BH tomorrow Rob?

Let me know when you will be in Germany in April exactly, since my plan is to head over a week before then come down to South Germany and meet up with you somewhere there :slight_smile:

The April trip coincides with Easter Weekend right? I will be up for this, if I’m allowed :smiley:

I assume I read the thread correctly (sorry at work and so read in a bit of a hurry) that the only one with firm costs at the moment is the Alps Road Trip?

P.S. Own rooms is the way forwards, I am a delicate sleeper - i.e. I wake up at the slightest sound of snoring but my snoring could make the Wall of China crumble… :stuck_out_tongue:


Germany/B500, Austria/Vorarlberg = 6th, 7th,8th, 9th of April.

More than likely be Pension Williams as our base Schmidt.


Yep, it’s the Easter weekend

Will wait for costs but will be very much up for this… need to start getting some of europe under my tyres! :slight_smile:

I will be - can give you the low down on the Alps trip last year…:smiley:

Good :)… You can prob answer all or most of my qus then since Rob is being a bummer :smiley:

I can give you the low down, Paul broke down and Pat crashed

That’s what I wanted to know, ye ol’ [email protected]:slight_smile:

If this is like a relay race where the batton gets passed around your next so I’ll be safe if I come :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Then you should have put, where not when, dick

“when” was part of it too, no worries. wanted to know when exactly. as in 6th you leaving UK, or 6th you’ll be at Pension (or both, if you’re not doing a stop on the way here inbetween).

but yeh, meh :stuck_out_tongue:

will likely be around.

I think I need a divorce so I can go on these trips

In fact I need a divorce full stop :smiley:

Have you booked Pension Williams for Easter? It’s a busy time there so best get on with it if you haven’t :wink:

Germany/B500, Austria/Vorarlberg = 6th, 7th,8th, 9th of April.

Me and MrsB are up for this one:) MrsB says “I’m not slumming it though”:w00t:

Let us have details when you got them:)

Nice one Mo, I’ll take a closer look at it ASAP and post details here.

Leave Mrs B at home and bunk with Rob, it`ll make the trip seem longer.:slight_smile: