Rioting Rob finally snaps......

Rob sorry to see you in such a state tonight, hope we cheered you up a bit, think its time we found out who started the rumour, and got you an apology.

it cant be easy for you living with a problem like that, im sure it can effect people from all walks of life but its especially bad for a guy like you when people talk about it behind you back .

really hope you get the help you need and sort things out, and im sure all the blackheath crew and LBers will stick by you and support you in your time of need.

chin up buddy !!!:smiley:


yea…you really have a way with people rob…you can turn a perfectley good plan into a cluster phuck…!!!..look at the teas tonight…you only had to buy a round and you still balls that up…!!!

fer fuk sakes!!!


oooh thats nice, i try and show you the hand of friendship and you abuse me , i thought you were different , after what you’ve been through i thought you were better than that, abusing people, im shocked.

im not one to talk about you behind your back , and im not going to mention your issues in an open forum but get help you chunky funker !!!



F*ck, he was paying attention:w00t::smiley:

I started readin this and thought… ooooh fook… robs a nice dude… Now either the pi$$ is taken or I’m more drunk that I thought.

Bad for him… good 4 me… till tomoz :):D:P:sick::sick:

Go to bed now you orrible lot:D

We`re on your side Rob, always good to suport a nobber with problems in the fowl department.:slight_smile:

Don’t worry Rob - there are some special tasks and jobs available for you camping on Saturday - guaranteed to build your self esteem and sort out any of the aforementioned issues:

  1. Ghost patrol leader (you are responsible for checking the site for Ghosts and ensuring that no one is haunted or frightened during the hours of darkness).

  2. Fireman. If the camp site catches fire, you are responsible for dressing up in a fireman’s outfit and charging to the rescue with all your equipment - like a super hero.

  3. Tent putter upper. If any campers are having issues and are deeply hurt because their tents won’t go up or down, you are responsible for providing a counselling service and ensuring the tents are in perfect order.

  4. Publican. You are soley responsible for ensuring a well stocked bar with a range of real ales, fine wines, cocktails and spirits.

  5. Chef. You are responsible for coordinating a Michellin star menu to rival Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson (although please no burkini’s).

All or any of the above should help give you status and recognition from LBers and go some way towards putting you on the road to well being:cool:

With regards

LB Agony Aunt (oh…whoops… that’s someone else…):stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t and now I’m regretting it…:sick::crying:

It’s all my fault!!


it always is :slight_smile:

i know Robert is finding it hard at the min, we all had to give him advice on what to do,

my advice was to wind his neck in and not to spit his dummy out :slight_smile:

as for his helmet , errrrr no comment lets just say its damp,

One more reason for never attending an LB meet. The list keeps growing…:smiley:

rob , did you get to the doctors???

Bluestar (23/06/2011)

rob , did you get to the doctors???[/quote]online support and a UK-wide network of self-help tea huts to help people beat their eating disorder:D