Right you lot....entertain me!!!

I am currently serving out my three months notice and fortunately don’t have to come into the office during July (gotta love gardening leave). However that still leaves me the rest of June sitting here looking out the window at the sunshine and bored bored bored.

Therefore I need you lot to keep me entertained as my surfing opps are limited by a strict IT policy and LB is the best site out there anyhow.

SOOOOOO…I have decided to hold my own LB version of ‘Britains got biking talent’ and want to see your best jokes, anecdotes, special talents, biking skills on this thread to keep me from snoring at my desk.

Best one gets a Pint/Cuppa/Sausage Bap at next weeks BM. (Can’t make it tonight as going to Temple Walkabout to watch the State of Origin.)

I am ready with my three X’s - bring it on…

you gonna wear a pair of high waisted trousers as well?

But we are all boring feckers!!! I, for one have no talent whatsoever…

Agreed…and the panel says XXX

Although this picture says otherwise!

Me too. Boring. But interested to see you’re a fan of RL. Do you go to Harlequins? Do you support any team? (I’m a Hull FC fan)

Hahah wondered when that might come up, fashion choosing definitely isnt one…riding isn’t a talent either, any ol’ monkey can do that…:)Actually, unless you have seen it before…try and get all 72 bands in the piccie



Well so far I have scissor sisters, Smashing pumpkins, Guns n roses

Led Zeppelin
Rolling Stones
Alice in Chains
White Snake
Blues Brothers
Silver Spoon
Silver Dollar
The Bee Gees
Postal Service
Rob Zombie

And lots more modern stuff that I have NO clue about :smiley:
Very cool!

I got A Flock of Seagulls:D

I thought they were bald eagles, and couldn’t work out what they were doing in the picture :slight_smile:

But I got Yellowman and Black Flag

beach boys

There are loads more, come on guys and gals!! (definitely dissapointed in you Gooner…!)

Oh and Toby it’s White Zombie, not Rob Zombie (White Zombie are the very underrated band he had before his solo stuff)

I done this once when I was bored at work, it’s brilliant, there are loads, will have to have a go again now :slight_smile:

I thought there was a bit missing off the pic, here’s the full one, there was abit missing from the left side.


Here’s my lot.

Green Day
Matchbox 20
Sex Pistols
Guns & Roses
White Zombie
Led Zephlin
The Eagles
Alice in Chains
Smashing Pumpkins
Scissor Sisters
50 Cent
The Eels
The Rolling Stones
Pet Shop Boys
9 Inch Nails
Manic Street Prechers
Iron Maiden
The Police
The Cars
Silver Spoon
B 52’s
White Snake
Blind Melon
Crowded House
Beach Boys
Red Hot Chilli Peppers

That’s all for now, will carry on looking, yes I m bored again! :frowning:

ok…my computer crashed as i was writing this but this is what ive got

  1. Rolling stones
  2. Gorillas
  3. Guns and roses
  4. U2
  5. Scissor sisters
  6. Dead Kennidys
  7. Black Flag
  8. Lep zepline
  9. Smashing pumpkins
  10. The beach boys
  11. Whitesnake
  12. radio head
    13.alice in chains
  13. white zombie
  14. the eagles
    16.matchbox 20
  15. garbage
  16. blind melon
  17. the pixies
  18. blur
  19. the sex pistols
  20. the cars
  21. 50 cent
  22. the jets
  23. the eels
  24. jewel
  25. green day
    29.the postal service
  26. madona
    32.iron madian
    33.the police
    34.yellow man
    35.dinosaur junior
    36.the black crows
  27. hole
    38.couded house
    42.corner shop

thats as far as ive got so far:w00t:.


That’s a fantastic shot :smiley:

Where would you like this to go?