Right then it’s time for another London video... Help Needed

For reasons that will become clear it’ll be an early morning thing for some clear roads. With sunrise at 6am now I can get out and whiz about nice and early but this time I need some help. I need to London GP route !

Here’s one attached…

• Start Finish is in the Mall. Kick off ½ Mile Straight before corner 1 into Constitution Hill.
• Bottom of Constitution Hill turns left into Duke Of Wellington Place hitting the A302
• Next Left following the A302 almost ½ Mile flat out into Grovsner Gardens Mews East before going Flat out into Victoria Street for another ½ mile
• Hard right into Mill Bank following the river before a hard left into Horse Ferry Road and over Bridge 1 ( Lambeth Bridge )
• Bottom of Lambeth bridge round Lambeth roundabout into Lambeth Palace Road before taking the left onto Westminster bridge ( London Eye on the right )
• Bottom of Westminster Bridge hard right into Whitehall passing Derby Gate, King Charles Street, Downing Street and the Horse Guards before Hitting Trafalgar Square.
• Left round Trafalgar Square under the arch and into The Mall. Start ./ Finishes & Pit Lane

1 Lap = 4.5 Miles.
Corners = 18

So here’s what I need…

1 x Plucky Guy with route programmable GPS
1 x Chequed Flag

Possible date and time for the video run : 05:00 / Saturday 22nd !
This IS NOT A RACE, but purely a video shooting idea !



you obviously wont be speeding seeing as we have a couple of filth, sorry policeman on here and you have put time and date and the route???

although it sounds a top idea…

One more brain cell…we are talking pond life here mate !!!

no no no… no speeding !!!

Just want to see what it’ll be like , if they want to be up at 5am and give me an escort they are more than welcome too

Gladly do it on my own as these things normally turn out to be a nightmare with weather etc etc.

Can i just stress here this isn’t for a race ! this is for one of my early morning London Videos !!!

Explain more?

Would be good to have several camera’s on the route as well.

Could help you out with the editing (used to be an editor).