Right folks...I'm officially dead in the water

As of 18:00 - 28-11-2006

Bar steward Bar steward Bar steward

Not only did Brent council RUN OVER my bike for no reason.
The replacement Bandit ('06) model that my insurers gave me died on me today, and because the insurance company has “allegedly” sent out a cheque already…which I haven’t received yet…rather than replace the bike with a working model, they just took the replacement back.

I’ll say this though. Suzuki are giving me all the problems that I HEAR are the probs with Ducati’s - TOTALLY unreliable electics…I am NOT happy and I tell you after having not 1 but 2 Bandits ('04 600 and '06 650) die on me for the same reasons leaving me stranded in the SH!TE hoel that is Harlesden on no less than 4 seperate occassions waiting for SOS to revive the slack Jap crap, I am NEVER buying a Bandit again.

In the mean time, I will be walking between Tube stations and dealers and the homes of people selling bikes til I find a replacement…

Spare a thought for a bikeless addict guvnor. I used to ride, til I met a man who worked for Brent Council… sob…those were the days!

Oooo dear, not much i can say or do as thats such a bum deal but have a virtual hug anyway…xxxx

To me that`s the worse thing to happen to a biker and that it bikeless. I was bikeless for a few weeks after i trash it and i hated every minuite i never had a bike.

Ta, much appreciated.
Bin men have now joined the hit list along with:
My (ex) boss having just been made redundant
Scooter riders
Black Cabbies
White van men
BMW drivers
Anyone who steps out into roads without looking
Most the residents of Harlesden

Anyway…its probably karma for being such an easily angered young man

ho hum

Sorry John, having expressed such kindness it must look kinda ****e that I then slag off scooter riders. See…its is bad karma come to bite me int eh ass…then nibble my earlobes, then run a filthy septic tonguie all over my face.

Gonna have to ride this one out.

Only good thing to come of this…
When that cheque comes through I get to buy a new bike. whooo hoooo!

Bearing in mind my handle.

CAn anyone recommend anything that is the bike equivalent of the Millenium Falcon…THE dogs minerals disguised under an atrociously ugly, but famously doggish face

All suggestions gratefully appreciated. Currently eyeing up a '99-GSXR-750 with 16k on the clock at a sweet 2k cash… thought about a '96 version of the same cos she looked JUST the part for ole Kenobi, but with 50k on the clock, she was aging a little TOO hard for my liking.

Did someone say lawyers?

Toby I see you on a Green Mean Lawson Kwak 1100. Naked, big ass engine, attitude, character, pose value and sheer grunt-tastic performance.

But enough of your good self, the bike’s cool too


THE ‘DYNA WIDE GLIDE’…is reminiscent of the millenium falcon

especially in buttercup yellow

ahhh those were the days



I said Millenium Falcon, not Imperial Destroyer!

oh no! That’s really crappy mate… you need a lift tonight?


Damn Toby, you’re not having much luck are you? To turn it around, what bike are you thinking of getting now the money’s on the way?

Condolences Toby

I have been without a bike for 2 months now, it’s not easy (it’s pants), public transport smells and is ponderous, taxi’s cost a fortune - biking is the only true way

  • but have got money for bike now - burning hole on my pocket -

Good luck on hunt for ship of suitable velocity and firepower

Tuono - Ugly but nice (performance wise anyway)

how about a cagiva v-raptor? its freaky enough for you…

So your getting a VFR come in to the fold we’ll look after you. Are you sorted for transport to your class tonight?

Africa Twin…

what about a bmw F800s,or a yamaha trx850 both good bike good engines and handle well

Yeah! The BMW 800 is a nice bike - saw one the other day - looked really good!

A 04 or 06 dying on you? That’s just silly.

My Honda is 10 years older than that and never misses a beat.

Mr. Soichiro Honda says: “Me will never sell you f**ked up sh*t. Never.”