Riga, Latvia. Anyone been there ?

i’m off for my stag do this weekend, just wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions or advice.

I was there 2 years ago. Hellishly expensive!! More so than london! Beautiful girls though. We stayed at Friendly Franks hostel and they are awesome! some big clubs there :slight_smile:

No comment. What goes on tour, stays on tour!

Last stag do I went on there we had to pay a ransom to get our stag back as he was kidnapped by local hoods.

Breaking code of silence JC - however, it’s relevant to his safety.

On that note, we also had to run from the mob - as they pick on stag’s knowing they have money.
A lot of the guns they wave at you are fake though, so don’t worry.

Had to warn him !

we’ve got a local out there who play’s in our COD clan, he’s set up our activities and entry to places so should be safe, i’m not being dress up to avoid unwanted attention, but should the need arise, my boxing skills will be coming out to play. float like a butterfly…

whats the cost of booze etc like?