Rieju Tango 250

Anyone seen one of these in the real world?

Nope, but I like the look of it lots.

+1 looks nice and light and lots of fun

and only £3200

anyone seen any reviews?


The 250 is dead rare over here up to now. Not only is the engine made in China but the rest is as well. I also like the look of the new Indian built KTM 300 as well.

I like that’s it’s aircooled, carbed, offroadish with a 19" front, cheap, has some luggage options, and will sip fuel…


Saw its smaller brother a couple of years back.

If my (fallible) memory is working properly a good friend was testing it for the Riders Digest.

Both the trail and road versions got good reports. Seems to be one of the better Chinese export. The engine should be good as it looks surprisingly (?) like the old Honda XL250 engine with a bit of upgraded aesthetics.

What I’ve read about it says it’s not a Chinese export but made in Spain and by a company that’s been going for a while supposedly.

They are “assembled” in Spain from a kit of parts produced in China. (To a resonably high standard) I think the engine is bought in from Yamaha but made where? and yes Rieju have been around for a long time.