riding without L plates

Dropped my L plates on Monday as I passed my test and immediately noticed the difference…no more silly over or undertakes to just get in front of me by other bikers…and even cagers seem to behave differently.

loving it…best feeling in the world :slight_smile:


Hey congrates dude, i remember that feeling :smiley: although i ditch mine a little before i passed :wink: well they keept falling off :w00t:

Now if you think that feels good, wait till you get a bigger bike :smiley:

I found L plates to be more dangerous to ride with than without. Drivers just treat you like a bus and always want to get ahead of you. Also they will try to bully you for priority because they think your timid.

Well done mate. Ride safe.


+1 and big congrats MT:D:D

Congratulations - enjoy.:smiley:

Ha! yeah its a great feeling isn’t it. well done and enjoy. :cool: