riding with out leathers

hi ,

the amount of bikers i see riding in jeans. why do they do that? are they mad. it makes me chuckle when they are wearing jeans with bike boots. whats the point, if you got no legs left why save your feet.:ermm:

might it be draggins or red route? :wink:

yea draggins are brill, perfect for town riding, n you’re only annoyed cos they aint fueling your lust for men in leathers :hehe:

no trust me they are normal jeans. and some times you see em with t shirts or shorts even sandles some times:w00t:

yes i do love a man in leathers. mind you i like waring the leather too it gets me all in a fluster:P

just got back from Greece, i was riding around athens in draggins,HG jacket, gloves & lid and almost everyone else was in Jeans,trainers& without gloves :w00t: or a lid :w00t:

now thats stupid!!! :crazy:

My sandals are leather, does that count ?? :stuck_out_tongue:

i put my hand up - been riding around in normal jeans and boots last couple of days!

:hehe:no it does not count i just wonder why people do that, they wont regret it until they come off. if you go onto this website its good for people who wear no leathers. ridetokill.com :sick:

Me too. I’ve done it, know i oughtn’t. It’s laziness. Just want to grab a jacket, lid, boots, gloves and head out. Can’t be the only one here doing that from time to time, however rarely.

you naughty boy i need to put you over my knee. go on that website on my last post then you might think again;)

lol, just like alastair said, can’t be asked wear my full leathers for poodling around town!

I tend to grab some form of trousers too !!:stuck_out_tongue:

i think i would rather have my skin intact and my limbs. i see them come into work with big holes in there backs and legs etc etc not worth it:ermm:

Yea, my girlfriend is training to be a nurse and although she loves being on the bike to bits, i’m sure she’ll start “persuading” me to wear leather at all times!lol

yes mate its not nice, picking out all of the road gravel from whats left. or having to wrap em coz they are dead. im not talking about other biking accidents, i mean the ones that wear t shirts ans normal jeans. they are so f****d up

this is just what you need for hot summer riding days!

+1 anne-marie

I think it’s because you see the trauma of bike accidents everyday. Some riders may be lucky and never suffer a major off. I’d never go out without full kit. As for the draggin jeans, I’m yet to be convinced they’d work all that well. Besides, there’s something sexy about leathers, even more so when a woman’s are real tight…:wink:

Yep, I can’t be bothered to wear leathers around town, and so wear either combats or jeans, but both are draggin jeans

:smiley: there is some one out there that always wears leathers. nice sandels although i think if you came off in them at any real speed then i think your feet would still be in them detatched from your leg. did you look on that web site its called ridetokill.com:w00t: