Riding with hayfever...

…is quite literally hell.

Rode in this morning in the midst of a terrible bout of hayfever and I have never wanted to get to the air-conditioned pollen-free bliss of the office.

Sneezing fits inside an Arai are not my idea of fun.

I am not ashamed to admit, I pulled the pin a couple of times on the way in, because I was so desperate to get inside.

Even now, I still feel like utter toilet. Damn you pollen!

Gotta agree with you, tho it is fun to watch. :smiley:

I probably look like a lunatic when I have one of my sneezing fits.

:smiley: been there done that so can sympathise

not nice at all …

i’m dosed up every morning, loratadine tablet, beconase nasal spray thing, eye drops the lot!

best of luck to all fellow sufferers… :pinch:

know how u feel!

Loratadine x 10 mg. Takes a few days to kick in but a regular one tab a day for the season in the morning does work for me from then on.

If you buying your own, Sainsbury’s own brand are the cheapest source I found.

Just a thought…

Have you thought of trying goggles and open face lid for round town?

make sure you clean the inside of the chin bar…

when i had a cold a couple of months ago,the inside chinbar of the arai had a weird white,green color :sick:

Is a real pain! And if you wear contact lenses and your eyes start watering badly, you cannot see where you are going! Scary!

Never worn one? I’d like one with flames on the side, human cannonball style! :smooooth:(the momo ones look very nice actually… )

thats where i get mine, sometimes i take 2, but it makes me feel abit dozy…

Hayfever kicked in big time for me this morning. I woke up barely able to see with no whites in my eyes at all, and that’s with taking antihistamine for the last couple of months!!

Couldn’t go into work with my eyes in that state so I’m off to the pharmacy in a bit to get some eye drops, nasal spray and more anti-histamines. Even being dosed up with that lot last year I’d still have a sneezing fit on the way into work at one particular point. Thank god for flip-front helmets…