Riding to the Italian MotoGP @ Mugello next week!

Claire and I are riding to the Mugello and back next week. We’ve set aside three days to ride there, two days in Florence, then three days for the ride home. The routes there and back are different, and we’ve got tickets for Sunday MotoGP only, mainly because we want to enjoy the hotel/Florence, and also because the tickets are £300 for one day!

Our itinerary is as follows:


Day 1 - Wednesday
London to Folkstone (Euro Tunnel)
Calais to Metz
Hotel stay

Day 2 - Thursday
Metz to Göschenen (Switzerland - top of Alps)
Chalet hotel stay

Day 3 - Friday
Göschenen to Lake Como
Lake Como to Bologna
Staying with family

Day 4 - Saturday
Bologna to Florence
Hotel Villa le Rondini

Day 5 - Sunday MOTOGP!!!
Poggio Secco (DUCATI) grandstand
Go Vale!!!


Day 6 - Monday
Florence to Monaco (quick blast through the tunnel)
Monaco to Digne Le Bains (including Route Napoleon)
Hotel stay

Day 7 - Tuesday
Digne Le Bains to Villemandeur
Hotel stay

Day 8 - Wednesday
Villemandeur to Calais (Euro Tunnel)
Folkstone to London

Total journey distance is about 2200 miles. Thankfully France and some of Italy have super cheap hotels. The Chalet on the Alps and the Florence villa are more expensive, but a lot nicer. We would have used a cheap Alp hotel if there were any.

We expect to see the most amazing sights! The Alps and Route Napoleon will be legendary. The rest of the trip will be a fast old ride, but comfortable and really enjoyable.

Here’s the map, though it’s the overall route, it doesn’t show where we’re slowing down, i.e. off highways and off toll-roads, which we’ll do through Switzerland, and Route Napoleon:

We’re riding on a new V-Strom 650 XP, with panniers. We’ll be travelling light, i.e. only underwear, weekend clothing, cold/wet clothes for the Alps if necessary and a camera in our luggage. No computer or other gear. I learnt my lesson last time I rode to Italy when I took too much with me.

We can’t wait!



How’d the trip go?

I’m looking at San Marino in September, in the car sadly!