Riding in Thailand

Hello guys,

I´m going with the misus to Thailand next month, I´d like to spend a day riding somewhere nice, any of you can recomend a place, rental company?

where you going ,thailand is my 2nd home have ridden over a fair bit of the country myself have another big tour planned in december,I’m there from end of oct.

I´m going from the 13 Nov to 29th of November, So far the itinerary looks like Bangkok - Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai - Krabi - Puket - Koh PhiPhi

chiang mai best place to rent and ride many bikes available up there honda cbr250,500 cb650f,kawa z800,er6,versys gotta be carefull on thai roads they are crazy,some great off roading in krabi google krabi off road about 100 quid for a day.
i have resort in krabi if your looking for accommodation. http://www.j2bbeachbungalowskrabi.com

Like commuter-boy…Deffo Chang Mai.

Took my missus there for her 30th a few years ago and we hired bikes.

Ride up to the temple (the main one everyone goes to)…Fantastic mountain road (where the missus almost high sided her 250 and flew over the other side). :slight_smile:

Also check this website


Have fun, but make sure your travel insurance covers you for riding bikes.

Cheers guys!!