Riding in France

hi guys, I’m going to pop over to france for a day trip.(1st time as a rider) Are there any things i need to bare in mind? do i need plates with UK flag on etc… I heard cars need to take headlight bulbs with them!!? any tips gratefully recieved:)

Tap the search button, type in France and you’ll find loads in there Fella ;):slight_smile:

If it’s wet be extra careful of those white lines. The French put more glass in their paint which makes them very slippery in the wet. Something I learnt from the BikeSafe London course.

www.ovalmotorcyclecentre.com :cool:

nothing to it feller…take you paperwork with you ins,log book etc remember in towns to keep the path on your RIGHT when turning at junctions then you will be on the correct side of the road !!!

If in doubt at junction look even more BOTH ways than you would in UK you soon get hang of it, but most of all enjoy the open roads :slight_smile:

Don’t you look both ways usually Uncle:Whistling:

yup…but even more so when abroad if you not been before, cos in towns it can be daunting the first time :slight_smile: