Riding in france with cbt

I got my full car licence 1 year ago and got my cbt half a year ago

I want to know if I can ride my yamaha vity 125cc in france

I rang up the dvla and they said you have to ring the french to get a final awnser

But I don’t know who is the french version of the dvla

can someone tell me if I can ride there, our tell me who the french dvla is called

Hi, I don’t think you’re allowed to ride overseas on L-plates. You need a full bike licence to leave the UK on a bike. Sorry I can’t be more help - it’s a shame about riding OS though.

My guess would be no, you can’t, but i would still check it out.

There’s not really an equivalent of the DVLA, as everything is done through the Gendarmerie I would suggest maybe get in touch with the French embassy.

You must hold a full licence to be able to ride a bike or drive a car outside the UK.

If you ride on just a CBT, not only do you stand a chance of being nabbed (bearing in mind that many countries now share data base information) by the Gendarmes or the Police but you will also not have insurance cover.


As much as i know in Europa most or country’s you dont need licences for 50cc bikes as it gos for 125cc they are riden on full bike licence but as im talking here all info is about Estonia . I think it works the same way in most of Europa I hope that this will help you …

  • You cant use " Cant use " provisional signs on your motor out side of country of use as it wont tell nothing to other country’s police officers or other road users. Also provisional licence are not translatable between country’s.

No country recognises another countries provisional licence. Whilst many countries allow riding on 50s or 125s you would still need a licence issued in that country.

When I did the car test in Ireland it covered a motorbike up to 150cc. How times have changed. That was 1989. No L - plates tho.

The car test had a one way system town, no roundabouts, no pedestrian or traffic lights, no Zebra crossings, anyone that walked in front of you was 50/50. Done in the middle of Feb at 13.45 so no tourists or school kids. Done a 3 point turn that had no kerbs so - so long as you didn’t get stuck in the mud - you were fine. Last test of the day so the Examiner was dying to go home. It was friggin’ hard to fail.