Ridiculous or Genius??


The former

Straight to a bargain bin at your local blockbuster soon

Speechless. . . :blink:

What a load of s**t,

thats wat i thought how cheesey

I can’t wait to see this. :smiley:

B Movie Schlocker - maybe a classic like The Blob.

Leave reality suspended by the back door, sit deep into chair, extend eyelid retractors and snort popcorn.

is this showing at the Imax?? :hehe:

I like giant octopussies…

What happened to proper - dark tough intelligent films for adults?!


The Godfather

Raging Bull


Apocalypse Now

Get Carter

Taxi Driver

notice that these films were made between the early and mid-seventies - why can’t we do stuff like this now?


video nasty at its best…!!!:w00t:.one of them films you see when you want too get off with someone…;).