Rider covers 7,000 km to Arctic tip of Europe on her Zero SR/S electric motorcycle

Love this story. I’ve been thinking about a Zero for touring for a while now.

After touring in the electric car a few times now I’m more open minded to doing it on two wheels. My initial concerns were charging availability and the impact of one rider being on electric and the other on a petrol bike when it comes to fuelling/charging stops, but it’s generally a lot easier to find a plug socket than a petrol pump at times on the continent and when we stop for fuel it’s always for a while whilst we have a comfort break, have lunch, watch MotoGP (done once in Italy!), etc so it should be fine :slight_smile:



I really like the idea of electric vehicles but the price is prohibitive at the moment. The current plan is to run my current car until it dies then replace it with something electric.
With regards a bike, I’d love to give one a go but I think it’ll be a few years before I start thinking about an electric motorbike, probably when the bigger players start to get involved in mainstream electric models.

I’ve read a couple of things about electric off-road bikes and they really spiked my interest. We’re moving away from London to a more rural area with a good amount of byways where a trail bike would work well. The idea of riding the byways on a virtually silent bike so as not to piss of the locals is very appealing.