Rider Aids.

I’ve been test riding loads of bikes lately and it seems that a hell of a lot of bikes have rider aids beyond just ABS.
I’m thinking traction control, rider modes and such.

Most people I’ve spoken to aren’t massively in favour of them.

For myself I find I’m less connected to the bike- feel like the bike is doing the work, rather than me.
I test rode the S1000R the day before I rode a Speed Triple.
The Beemer was clearly more technologically advanced and more powerful but I had more fun on the Triumph.
I can see a case for them in certain circumstances (cruise control for motorway miles for example) but so far I’ve not been massively interested in them.

Curious as to what others think- are people into the technology on the bikes?

I don’t like them, i prefer to know what the bike is doing. I test rode a blade a few months back and the guy in the show room asked how long ive been riding, when I told him he said I’d prefer the non ABS model as people who have been riding quite some time seem to prefer non abs models whereas newer riders seem to go for ABS. Something to do with what you learnt to ride on.

Rider aids!! Practice safe motorcycling and avoid that all together.

I go by the principal of have them and not need them, rather than need them and not have them. Just me though. I fall under the new rider bracket. ABS has saved a few ped’s lives in central London.

I’ve not actually used any much, but I’m generally in favour - the don’t seem to detract from what I like about riding bikes, and much opposition to them seems to be more luddite-like than considered.

I used to be an objector- The aids on my RR have only done their stuff when I’ve been pushing too hard in proper **** conditions, I leave it in race mode in the dry and haven’t managed to push them into action yet. I find them a confidence boost, knowing that they’re there, (possibly too confident on the road). After destroying a Fireblade through locking a front wheel- I’m left thinking maybe ABS could have saved it in those conditions.

^^^ what he sayd…
On modern machines they’re not too invasive but still they can fix a human error.
You can either see them as an extra for your security or as an excuse to go faster. Depends on you really.
In every case the key is to have them set properly.
And yes, at least ABS should be a must for every road bike. (or is it already nowadays?)

I’d say no…but then I’ve never ridden a bike that had any.

Shame there weren’t any around when brakes and tyres were crap.

The reason I’m asking is I am trying not to conflate the presence of rider aids with my preference between the two bikes (S1000r with electronics, Speed Triple with only ABS).
It could simply be that I preferred the Speed Triple because it is closest to what I already know and perhaps being less intimidated with it, rather than the beastly 160 hp from the S1000R.
Or maybe I just like the sound of triples more?

I went out on the Tiger XRX as well (which has traction control, cruise, power modes but no electronic suspension), which I also liked a lot- but it was down on power compared to the Street Triple and I felt that when accelerating, but these wasn’t a lot in it.

For me it would be about what I wanted the bike for.

Track days and a continental blast…BMW

General enjoyment and hooning around…Triumph

So I’d go for the Triumph :cool:

I tested a speed triple and loved it- seriously considered buying one until I tested the RR!

I’m tending that way.
I was originally looking for a single bike that does it all but I’m pretty much decided that there are too many compromises going that way.

I want something for off-road and touring which is likely to be the Triumph XCX, which I rode and loved- it has a lot of technology in it, but it is still a lot of fun.
On the weekend/B-road/hooligan bike I’m tending more towards the Speed Triple R than the S1000R.
The BMW was great but the wind blast is crazy and the mirrors are absolutely useless over 60.

Can we ask what’s the budget?

If you put bar end mirrors on the Speed Triple, they’ll be useless full stop lol

Yes, it’s a great excuse for a new bike! :wink:

I only want rider technology to help me slow down and stop and keep control, not to go faster or harder than I otherwise could / would / should.

If I do something now then £12k for the XCX is doable (with luggage and a few extras), keeping the Striple, which I can upgrade to a litre naked something later in the year.
That gets me touring this summer.

Otherwise I looked at the Multistrada and S1000XR but they are more expensive so I’d have to wait to do them (and I wouldn’t get the XR until the end of the year anyway).
I’m not sure I want to spend £15-16k on a single bike though- I could pick up a 2 year old Tiger 800 and a 2 year old Speedy for that sort of money.

Only ever had ABS, and that broke - the only thing I’m really against is the cost of repairing this electronic trickery when it goes pear shaped - for example a replacement ABS pump is about £1000…which is a bit of a joke.

I´m very happy with the ABS on mine, as a new rider the have saved me from hitting stupid pedestrians jumping on the road a couple of times.