Rideout today from Ace Cafe

Anyone up for a ride today…

I can meet at the Ace at 5:30pm today, but need to be back at the ace by 8pm :D:D

p.s. (CBR 125 On L Plates) :cool:


Where you going?

I only just saw this and wouldn’t have been able to make it anyway but I’m also on a 125 with L-plates - whereabouts are you based? I’m in Hayes so if you’re anywhere in the vicinity and wanna head out with another learner anytime, let me know.

Simon :slight_smile:

Sliding down the road, based on what he posted in the other topic!

ha bloody ha… :hehe:

once your knee is on the deck, stop leaning :wink:

http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic595885-35-1.aspx :w00t:

Hi, Also on 125 with l’s unfortunately can’t make it tonight but if anyone is about next week let me know. :slight_smile: