we are thinking about changing the date maybe, because there are a few peeps that are regulars that cant come.:cool:


the date has been changed to 12th september for the ride to the “Cafe on the Lake” Hawkhurst.:smiley:


Rioting Rob (24/08/2009)

Yipeeee:D[/qi only changed the date so you could watch me grope my other tit.!!:w00t:

anne-marie (24/08/2009)

You just new it wouldn’t be the same without me:D Come on girl admit it your missing me already;)

Rioting Rob (24/08/2009)

rob your right it wouldnt have been the same without you, and cheeky monkey. your both realy nice blokes :smiley:

anne-marie (24/08/2009)

Sh*t you caught me off gaurd with that comment:w00t: Dont no what to say now:ermm:

I guess what i can say is see you on the 12th Then:D Oh and Anne all jokes to one side for a mo you are a very nice girl 2 and your other half is a very lucky man;) Now back to the banter please:D

thats unlike you rob :smiley:

Any chance we can get Mel out on this one. If she stays behind me i’ll take it nice & easy on corners so she will be nice and safe:D Still learning corners myself so would be good;)

Also am available for rides on saturdays before for comfort rides:D

oooooooooo I can do that day. :smiley:

Yeah baby yeah:D

Im bringing HD Camcorder Party hats & Poppers:D


wtf? :smiley: Oh well forewarned is forearmed.

This ride-out is now called (The party on the lake) In the cafe:w00t:

Sorry peeps got a bit excited then for a minute:D

bring it on :w00t::hehe::hehe:

Camcorder action: OMG will there be stunts? Or just film of large lattes? or wotever you call em :smiley: