Following on from the successful ride to Beachy Head:D, I’m excited to announce the ride to The Cafe on the Lake, Hawkhurst, Kent, on the 12th September. Leaving the Oakdene Cafe at 09.30am as before.Approximately 70 miles of undulating twisties with minimal 30’s and 40’s :rolleyes:via Surrey borders and through East Sussex and Weald of Kent.

Don’t missout on this thrilling day to “twistyville” if you want to shift those chicken strips!:w00t: PLEASE NOTE DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED TO 12TH SEPTEMBER. (PREVIOUSLY 19TH)

You don’t mess about do you hahaha.

Well up for it, Beachy Head was quality so well up for it

Count me in

Scott (fella on yellow Gixxer whose number plate came off)

Woooo hooooo can’t wait!:w00t:

I’m already frothing at the mouth just thinking about it! :w00t:

Gutted cant make this one peeps:crying: You peeps have a good one;)

yes thats a real shame that you cant make this one. its gonna be good.:smiley:

Rob, where’s your commitment dude? Especially as you’ve pulled, :wink: the other RRs will be expecting you to rearrange your diary no matter what!!! :smiley:

Good photos and banter from the Beachy Head outing. Nice work. :cool:


You’re under his spell by the looks of it. Denial is futile :w00t:



Dont get her started again andy:D :stuck_out_tongue:

Shame I cant go on this one either. I’ll be in Sicily to round up a few potential Rioting Rebel members for selection by the Godfather :smooooth: Well that’s the plan anyway.

sounds like a very well planned route, i will have to come on one of these soon

I am keen to come along but dont know the level of the other riders going. I have been riding for 8 months but havent been on a LB rideout thus far. Am i likely to be left in the dust?

On Saturday we had a learner on a Yamaha 125,he went really well,another one had only been riding about a year,no one gets left behind,the tailgunner sweeps all before him:D

Cracking - well assuming I dont get selected to play rugby that day then i am in !


I may pop along to this just to add a dash of glamour…:wink:

Seeing as beachy head was such a thrilling ride-out that all concerned enjoyed very much dont you think to wait four weeks for part 2 is a bit long;) Just a thought:D


I don’t think I can do this one… shame, it is the only weekend I am busy.

Glad you agree crazy little monkey:D Should be the week before:D