Rideout Payday POLL

ok,Was talking to one of the LB’ers about rideouts and paydays.

I wanted to go on the norfolk II run but just aint going to be able to go so thought I’d make a poll to see who gets paid when so we can see when will be best time to ride outting.

You dont have an option for weekly pay !!! :slight_smile:

I get paid every 4th wednesday, so its never the same date

i get paid on the 15th of every month:D

i get a cheque alst working day of the month so i really get paid a few days after the start of the month when it clears. My other half gets paid on the 29th as a bank transfer and it’s a joint account so it works out quite nicely. Plus i get about £100-£150 cash a week from freelance work so i’m rarely really out of cash now:D

This’ll be a handy thready, knowing when I can tap certain people for a sub :wink: