Ride With Fast Freddie

Didn’t know he sounded like that…Sounds like a character out of the old King of The Hill cartoons :smiley: Great on bike footage of the legend.

The bikes look like Honda Hornets like those guys are in the Hornet Cup, but the sound…Mannnn :w00t: I love these vids. Gonna have to scout around for all these classic races from yesteryear. Was only 4 when they were shown first time around. If only I’d started riding bikes back then :hehe:

(I’d probably have gotten through a fair few :Whistling: )

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3



Freddie Spencer, the only rider to win both 250 and 500 gp championships in one season. 1985 the year of Freddie Spencer.


Haha great find Afro:D

Yep they were CB900F’s

I had the GS1000S which Wes Cooley and Graeme Crosby were riding:w00t:

Them sit up and begs were really a handfull:cool:

Used to love watching them up against the GP bikes in the transatlantic Trophy.:smiley:

I said that the other day on another thread:P:DCome on, nobody has managed to tell me his other nickname;):smiley:

Did I mention I’ve been away…:wink:

Keep up young man;):smiley:

Come on, what was Fast Freddies other nickname?:wink:

Didn’t he get called ET, 'cause his talent was out of this world, or somesuch nonesense?

He may have been, ive never heard that one but its not the one I’m thinking of.Clue: It has been kinda copied by Haga?

Special fuel Spencer?



Apart from Fast Freddie, he was known as “The Sultan of Slide” hence the Haga connection;)

Some great vids there of one of the GP Greats, I was a big fan of Fast Freddie, he was a fantastic talent, so natural and smooth on a bike but could dogfight with the best. I couldn’t believe it when I went to a Honda show at a hotel in Hammersmith in the 80’s and there he was.

I’m sure most of those clips are from the Fast Freddie ‘V Four victory’ film and can be bought from Duke Marketing. There’s a vhs one in my collection somewhere haha!

Oh and I missed the CM quiz:w00t:

I’m sure you do that on purpose Brian;):DRemember the days when the top suspension mod was to add air valves Brian?:DMy GS was one of the first to have air suspension as standard… And what about Anti-dive? Where did that go?;):D:DWhen you consider these guys were doing 160-170mph on cross ply tyres and single pot brakes, Nuts:D

Sometimes I have selective viewing mate:PWe’re showing our age Mr Chunk;) I remember getting my bicycle pump to put air in my LC forks:cool: The kit those guys race on is so dated now and the kit we now have for road bikes from tyres to suspension is so good in comparison.But that didn’t make the racing boring when you saw how much they actually had to ‘ride’ the bike. They would come in after a race with bent bars where they had been wrestling the bike.

B (20/08/2008)

Geez :crazy:

F that…Gimme a 2008 R6 on Michelin Pilots any day :laugh:

We are spoilt these days with the modern machine…and electronics, I met a guy on a BMW with traction control the other day, lovely bloke but my control is in my mind and wrist.

Still I like a frame not to be made from drinking straws…:w00t:

Great stuff mate, seen it before. Freddie was a god.

But that commentary cracks me up.

“At world’s MOST famous track, the Daytona RAceway, a unique form of motorcycling, developed by Americans, unique to Americans, championed by Americans and loved by Americans!”

God they have such limitless ego don’t they! :hehe:

You can almost imagine the commentator with a Copy of Playboy on the desk in front of him, but all the pictures of naked women have been torn out and replaced by a range of photos of the Star Spangled banner… as he lovingly speaks into the microphone he’s stroking the pages and getting wood!

“Did I mention that the only important things in the world are American, come from America and you can sleep well in your beds tonight, because not only ARE you American, but the people defending you and the rest of America tonight are Americans… you can sleep safe on their watch!”