Ride safe


Who is the speaker and what’s it from?

It’s Charlie Chaplin - from the 1940 film the ‘Great Dictator’ - the film was an anti-fascist satire of Hitler and the Nazis and was telling people that they should fight for freedom and democracy against totalitarianism.

The words are especially moving as this was 1940 - millions of people who were alive when that speech was recorded would be dead only five years later when WWII ended. :frowning:

I like the speech…that one will always stir some powerful emotions in me, but i think the video’s message is mixed. “you only got one life so take care of it”… but show wheelies while overtaking?

I guess the images are saying that wazzing about on your bike is often spectacular and great fun.

But the speech is there to remind you that life is precious and has meaning and that there are important things out there that you should be concerned about and fight for and that it would be a terrible waste to lose your life in a motorbike accident.

The music reinforces the emotion.

I can see what you mean, but for me the 3 still don’t work well together…but taking all 3 separate…speech/video/message…and i love it. :slight_smile:

Found that awesome, very thought provoking. The combination of the the visual impact of what bikes are about/capable of, coupled with the emotional stirring of the speech results in a strong message to those of an open mind - It’s nice not to have a SLOW DOWN message - everyone speeds from cyclists, to bikers, car drives and EVEN the police!!! but this message makes you think about what you’re doing… Well it does for me and that’s what I am taking away from it:P

Good post. (I even got to see where that speech came from)