Ride safe

And what exactly is the point in this video!! :unsure:

its 4 minutes 12 sec i aint getting back :laugh:

Are you honestly saying that the above combination of pictures, music and words left you unmoved?

You seriously want to check that you still have a heart and soul in there guys.

I thought it was f*cking awesome.

it wasnt as good as the dump i had this morning, which was an average eposide.

That poor bird.

like it, cheers Rob.

People crashing, no it didn’t “move” me!! Why would I want to watch other poeple crashing, it’s bad enough when you have to see it in real life thanks!

pile of shite, not for me…

So did you missed 90% of the video and 100% of the sound? Crashing? Really?

And “bricking it” clarify something for me, so you don’t like it, it was waste of your time, and despite that you have seen whole of it, and then to top up you spend time to log in and complain about it? If you missing something I can give you address and you can send me letter of complain as well.

Or do something mad, despicable and new: don’t f… watch it.


ps. after a bit of thought I can suspect that video was not seen in full, after thumbnail of dropped bike, and first few sec when the bird was on the screen some people turn video off and start complain.
Well that is normal, if you don’t know something/someone, have about this/him clear view/opinion.

Have a nice day everybody. :slight_smile:

Personally I thought it was a much more powerful speech in the context of the original film (and without the “super-soothing” music in the background). I agree that watching pictures of people crash doesn’t really do it for me. Sorry Rob :slight_smile:

Rather entertaining, including the finishing statement of excessive didn’t cause the accident, no but excessive speed, riding like idiot and a lack of control over their bikes did.

And that was the message.
Thank you Kevsta, (second time today some nice, understanding comment? are you drunk?)


Oh my bad, I forgot to mention the wheelies, people over taking lorries on the back wheel, going off road on a sports bike :slight_smile:

This one did not fall off. Besides, I’ve learned here that wheelie is as bad/good as loud pipe, so nothing wrong with it.


I didnt say they were good or bad, I dont think over taking on the back wheelis a great idea but hey, not my life :slight_smile:

100% agree with that one.


i actually really like that vid, the speech is wicked:)

The speech is from “The great Dictator” (I know you know, but just as a reminder here) and it is amazing, and universal! Kind of classic with Charlie Chaplin.