Ride out tomorrow - Box Hill

Hello and happy easter to all. Im from the nottinghambikers lot, but down south at the moment visiting the family. Doing Box Hill tomorrow (monday 24th) and was wondering if anyone is going, or wants to join.

Let me know. Sorry it’s late notice, only just found the site!

Hope to see some of you tomorrow, i’ll check back later. Iank

if its nice I will be there about 11.00…on my zx 10 r green

Well i’m coming from claygate… not too far.

you gonna stop off at Ryka’s? I’ve never been to box hill… but i got directions to Rykas (that’s if it’s on old london road!!!). Be good to meet someone who can show/tell me the good roads around there. Just got my CBR600, so feel it’s about time a tried box hill out!! Be rude not to!!

Rykas is Box Hill.

I meant are you ‘stopping’ at rykas… Would make it easier to meet up with him there, than hope to see him on the road.

it would be nice to get out…what is the weather forcast for tomorrow?

Cold but no snow sleet until later in the day…

:)Worth a cuppa at Box at least…


Meeting with sum guys at Box for 9 a.m, then going for blast. Was planning on riding down to Swanage, but we’re gonna be playing it by ear as to how cold it is

How far is it from box hill to swanage then?? I’m guessing its a fair way if you’re meeting at box at 9.00? Would you mind a tag along? Feel free to tell me to get my own friends!!

Right, im off to bed. I’m gonna get to ryker’s for a cuppa at 11.00. Im on the CBR600F red/white/blue. Havn’t been to box hill before, so any recommendations tomorrow will be welcomed. Cheers guys, hopefully see you in the morning. Safe riding, dunno where you’re coming from, but there’s ice everywhere here at the moment, and i bet some of it will still be there in the morning.

Its about 110 miles from Box, I guess, so not too far :slight_smile:

Anyone is welcome along, esp as weather is looking pretty good, but wrap up lol

9 a.m at Box if you wanna come along mate

Not really it’s not:) Rykas is a cafe in the car park at the foot of Box Hill:P

Box Hill is about a mile from Rykas:)

Well its started to snow here :crazy:

I have known bikers who went to Box Hill and didn’t see any bikers - they didn’t go to Rykas.

I’ll be there at 11…weather isnt too bad…cold but okay…

I did that the first time I went to Box Hill, only saw a scooter ride-out and loads of cyclists. Could see bike activity from the lookout point, but couldn’t figure out how to get there!
Second time I went, I ventured down the zig-zag and saw about 3 bikes at Ryka’s, there were more in the adjoining car park. Still wasn’t sure where the bike meet was.
Only on the third visit I could see that it was at Rykas.

For me it wasn’t as straight forward, didn’t know the area and really didn’t know what I was looking for (other than a lot of bikes).


hey ian if you got there I didnt too clod, only made it to farnborough then turned back…brrrr

Hey 2stroke… Went down there for 11.00… Then it started to snow quite badly… I went down the twisty part of the A25 to Guilford, then blasted home on the A3. Bike’s now dirty and im too cold to clean her… Hope she don’t mind waiting till tomorrow!! I might have warmed up by then!! Lol!

okay yes thats not a bad route…lets do a route when the sun shines next month…am away this weekend and then doing silverstone on the Monday next week…

If its nice lets meet up on another day…

Isnt that what I said?

You said " Rykas is Box Hill" :stuck_out_tongue: