Ride-out to Downing Street

Hi everyone, we have a late planned ride-out that we would love to get as much help and support for! The ride is to deliver a letter to 10 Downing street to help gain attention for a law that will help protect children from abuse.

The ride is being led by the Cymru Knievels and ex-motorcycle stuntman John Taylor. It will go from Liverpool-London but with meeting points along the way and lots meeting up at the final stop before Downing Street, The Ace Cafe.

The ride and letter is backed by The Survivors Trust, lots of broadcasters, public-figures, academics and is to help bring public awareness to a proper mandatory reporting law (not the diluted government proposed law) which will help protect children in schools, homes and many other places.

The new law will help to protect so many children from lifelong trauma and is such an amazing cause, so if you have the afternoon spare please help with your support and join us for a fun ride to Downing street with the Cymru Knievels (in full dress of course!) leading the way.

It’s all free to join so if you are in or around London sign up and meet us at the Ace Cafe for a fun ride-out to support a great cause.

The events page is below, click on the link in there to sign up.

A worthy cause I’m sure and we wish you the best of luck but aren’t your timings a little too optimistic?

Realistically a Liverpool to London group ride with 3 pick up points and a lunch stop, leaving Liverpool at 09:30 hours your ETA for Downing Street will be around 18:00 hours at best. Bear in mind too as soon as you leave the Ace Cafe for Downing Street you’ll enter TfL’s stealth tax zone (ULEZ) which means that any pre 2007 motorcycles in the group could be liable to pay the £12.50 daily charge.

Hi NT, thanks for that! The the ride is being organised by Cymru Knievels who have done ride-outs for over a decade across the UK so timings have been planned from experience, however if things run a touch late that’s all been allowed for. It’s possible the start may go a little earlier though as there is no harm in giving everyone some extra time to enjoy the ride!

Most guys and gals from the North West and Wales are staying over near London and travelling home the next day. Obviously a lot of groups joining at the Ace Cafe from the South East/London will have a slightly faster return home :slightly_smiling_face:

With decades of experience I’d expect the published timings to at least be achievable.

I need to get out more and was thinking of an early doors sortie to arrive in Liverpool for the 09:30 hours start, now having second thoughts because I’d not want to find they’d left early.

Never mind I hope the day turns out good.

I’ve just bought new tyres, all those motorway miles would square them off nicely. I’ll give it a miss.

Hope it goes well.

Thanks NT :slightly_smiling_face: It’s approx. 4 - 4.2 hours door to door, so with around 3 hours extra to that for stops offs plus any delays that should be ok. They’ve done that same ride a lot of times. Plus if we arrive a touch later at Downing street that has all been allowed for as mentioned mate. So hopefully all good!

The times are all published on the events page agenda and everyone attending will of course be getting a more detailed itinerary. The Cymru Knievels run a very tight ship and timings won’t change from that once sent! So don’t worry NT you wouldn’t be getting left behind :smile:

Obviously goes for anyone joining at the Ace or other joining points.

Cheers Michael.

Maybe we can get you a tow and join at the Ace to save your tyres :grin:

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Just wanted to update that John gained permission to hand in the letter directly to number 10 (reckon a cup of tea is out of the question though) and the ride into town is now being filmed as part of a documentary film so I might need to wash my bike.

All info for the ride on 15th July on the events page above, a lot meeting at the Ace cafe to leave there for about 2:30/45pm on to Downing street, then loads going back to the Ace for a bit after. :+1:

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After Downing Street, and having already visited the Ace, The Bike Shed, 384 Old Street London EC1V 9LT might be a better choice.

“The most famous 30-yard motorcycle ride in the UK, is the very slow ride down our driveway, past drinkers & diners, into our indoor motorcycle-only secure parking.”

That’s a good shout NT. I think a few are heading back to the Ace as they are friends with people there, but I reckon a few others wouldn’t mind heading to the bike shed afterwards instead for sure, as you say somewhere different to go!

Just ride straight through the front door, 30 yards on to the rear of the premises and you’ll see the motorcycle parking on the left. Everyone should visit at least once if only to see how motorcycle friendly they are.