Ride Out This Friday - Anything Goes

Wotcha All,I’m off work this Friday (24th April) - anyone wanna goes for a blast somewhere?

I’m on a 125 with L plates, so motorways and manic speeds aside, I’m up for anything - a bang round the lanes, a trip down to Brighton or Eastbourne - whatever - even Thorpe Park :smiley:

Bugger, arranged to get hair done in the afternoon or would have been up for some of this as finish early fridays :stuck_out_tongue:

Never mind :smiley:

I’ll be out and about whatever anyways :smiley:

shame ya aint gotta bigga bike cos im off too


Aye - this is true :DWell. in the absence of amigos, thinking about popping along to Guildford Harley (coz they stock JTS clothing) and maybe call in to Eternal Tattoos in Dorking on the way back - Ruth there could cover up a political mistake with a needle :smiley:

I’m heading down to Brighton on Friday, probably via A281 cos it’s a nice road, leaving Guildford at around 9 or 9.30. You interested? Will be on my rust bucket, accompanied by significant other’s Harley, going to get a retest on my failed MOT bike (long story, shan’t bore you with it). Have to be back in Guildford for about 3pm so won’t be a long stay, probably just enough for the MOT and fish and chips on the beach. And possibly a brief swim…Will check the forum tomorrow, or you can PM me your phone number if you feel like tagging along

Hiya CM,

Soz - only just seen this and only just got up (lazy bugger that I am :D)

Cheers anyway :smiley: