ride out sometime in the summer for all our loved riders who have passed on

we could organize some sort of ride out out of respect for our lost friends , there could be a fee and all the proceedings could go to the families left behind …i have no idea how to organize something like this its just an idea maybe someone else on the forum who has experience in this field could organize it

I know they do a rideout for Ali, its been done the past few years, not sure where the money goes but im sure others will know more…i just went for the ride and meet the bikers (or should that be other bike riders im never sure nowdays who im offending)…anyway, its a kind of ride for Ali AND to remember those we have lost?

Its called the Memorial Ride and its usually on the first sunday in August from the Silver Ball Cafe to Clacton, people that have lost someone close usually say a few words and people are asked to make a donation, the charity each year usually differs as is usually the charity closest to the hearts of the family of or person we have lost.