Ride out in Feb

Ok guys and gals…

Need some help here… want to have a ride out on a Saturday…

Want to take my favorite pillion out with me to have some fun… meet you peeps and just have a gas of a day screaming round some roads.

Any suggestions??? 10 17 or 24 are the only good days right now… preferably the 10th or 17th.



Can I come?

You’d be better off posting this in the rideout section for a start

There’s usually a rideout or two going on at the weekends. I know some of us are going to wheelie school the weekend of the 17th but don’t let that stop ya

Loads of good roads in Sussex and Surrey if you head for Boxhill… went for a lovely bimble to Arundel today in fact. If you go to Boxhill, follow the a24, A272, then A29. Smashing!

me me me me me - I want to come and play.

I’m also at wheelie school on the weekend of 17th,but any other is good for me.

Ok folks… looks like the 10th is out due to “daddy” duties… maybe the 17th for some (yeah yeah wheelie school) or maybe even the 24th.

Any takers?

Was counting on you “coming”

i’m up for it on the 17th, i put a post up the other week about it! need to get out on my bike, so if your still after a ride out let me know!

Ok folks, looks like if weather permitting will do this. Plan is to meet somewhere on the north side of london and do a ride out, up, over, etc maybe to southend? Will be looking at routes tonight.

Please let me know if anyone wants to join in, ride along etc.


Ok folks that wanna attend - meet at the ACE… Meet at 1030, hope to set off round then too.

More details to come tonight after I get home and plot out the course.

Hope to see you there!