Richa Kevlar jeans

I tried on a fairly decent pair of Richa Kevlar lined jeans (£80) in Metropolis today. They fit better than the same size Draggin Jeans, looked better and have armour pockets in the knees.

I was just wondering if anyone has a pair or has heard anything about them.

PS. Metropolis also sell Triumph Kevlar jeans, but the arse is only half covered! I would have thought better from them.

i just got a set of richa leathers last week so far i think there the bees knees! Pretty warm going down the M25 last night at “legal” speeds and fit/look very nice for the price.

I’ve heard good things about Richa as a brand.
I suppose the only way to really find out is to go down the road in them!

garrett dont try it…just wear them and hope you dont go down the road in them…are they doing Kevlar denim jeans now…are they fully lined with Kevlar because I fancy a pair too…dont like the draggin jeans as they only do pockets of kevlar…which seems bad to me…

I don’t intend to test them!

The (denim) jeans seem to have as much Kevlar as Draggin’, so I don’t imagine there being much of a difference except for the price and style.
I was thinking of going for Draggin’ Liners which are basically Kevlar long johns with straps to fit under your feet. This would be great as you could wear any pair of trousers and have full knitted Kevlar protection, but as Kevlar is heat resistant, I was reminded that they might get really hot.
Not sure about this though.

It would be good to hear from someone here (as opposed to a testimonial on an internet shop) who has ‘tested’ a pair of Kevlar lined trousers like Draggin’s.

think tel (terry moto) wears them…and has tested them ?

I had a low speed off wearing my draggin jeans last year - coped okay with that - no scuffs or anything on my legs etc - broke my leg but that was the bike landing on me that did that but I was happy with the way the jeans worked - A coin left an impression in a pocket but still okay - still wear them now.


ouch…would the armour in a full suit or the leathers have saved you from a broken leg…I have been toying with a suit design for a few years and still have done nothing about it but this is one of my issues, non of the suits really stop you from some of the more common breaks…when they could easily be strengthened without too many compromises and save riders from minor breaks and maybe from some of the more common injuries…certainly the boots have reduced the risks of broken ankles…and air bags may save some us from broken necks…but I dont think they go far enough…