Does anyone suffer from this.
I think i do as the wrist which was damaged in the bike accident i had a few years ago really aches. It ached before i went on holiday but was fine on holiday and now aches again.
I am wondering if i have Rheumatism now.
If you do suffer from this, what do you do or have to help it.

Hi John, nice to see your still about :slight_smile:

Do you recon your prob might be that whilst you was away on your hols, your Mrs got a little hot with the sun beating down on her, few large gins inside her and you walking round in your speedo’s…might have got her a bit aroused ?

That her f*cking about with your front bottom for a change, might have gave your wrist a holiday to ?

Man up John, just get back to being a w4nker :P;):slight_smile:

I wouldn’t expect anything less from you Terry.:smiley:

PMSL, nice one Tel :D:D

( Mental note ) Dont look to TM for sympathy or helpful advice :stuck_out_tongue: :D:D:w00t:

I bought a magnetic bracelet from my local chemist for £15 and it works and i can’t believe it.

I don’t know if it’s the same problem but I get pain in certain joints when the weather is about to change to more moisture/damp/rain.I just learned to live with it and use it like a sort of barometer for knowing when to put on my waterproof bag cover.

The one thing which alleviates it is a little cod liver oil, not too much and not if you are going for a long ride without access to some sort of restroom if you know what I mean. :slight_smile: