Revolutuiin Bike Tech... the revolution is here...

Hello London Biker People,

We are a couple of friendly soon to be fully qualified bike mechanics offering our services at extremely low rates.

We have together about 15 years experience owning and running bikes and are about to qualify as technicians.

We’re looking to set up our own workshop, get established and build a client base but at the moment we’re just starting out. We have some premises and reasonable tooling. Essentially we are looking to gain more experience on a variety of bikes, help people out and get ourselves started.

We’re approachable chaps, so even if it’s just advice you want we’d be happy to hear from you. If you need any work doing, be it a service or something a bit more involved the idea is that we’ll be able to save you a considerable sum on going to a dealership, help you out and gain some experience ourselves along the way.

Got any jobs for us? Have a problem with your bike? Want mods or upgrades fitted? Got an unfinished project lying about you’d like on road for the summer? Have a bike tucked away that was considered beyond economical repair? Got an MOT looming or just had one done and need some help? Got a bike that could do with some TLC? Just want to chew our ears off about how bloody great your bike is? Then we’d love to hear from you! We’re not out to earn vast sums or get rich, just indulge our passion for bikes, get ourselves established and move our business forward.

Situated in the Kingston/Greater London area…

[email protected] (call or text 07516 888 082)

Oh and we also do cars and vans…

Thank you, people!