Revolution Bike Teck in Kingston

had a recurring fault code on my dashboard recently, got it tested at my local garage in ealing and it turns out as electrical fault. one hour investigation was inconclusive, they just found some dirty connection and thought the problem was fixed.
problem not fixed, so i decided to give the bike to Revolution Bike Tech, they are new on the market but advertise themselves as charging half the price for labour so i thought i need a lot of hours to find out that fault, i’ll give them a try. Triskie has apparently used them before.

Nick, the chap that runs the business, is a very nice guy and although you wont find a high equipped garage he really knows his stuff and he’s more than willing to go the extra mile to accomodate your needs, he will treat your bike as his own.

for 9hours labour he only charged me 200pounds, he also found i had a leaking fork and asked if i wanted fixed, checked my spark plugs and got them replaced, found out i was leaking air from my rear but not from a puncture, so he fixed that too.

you have to pay him in cash and he may ask you to pay in advance for the bits he needs to buy, but i would highly recommend him as you can trust he will do his best to give the bike back to you on time and he can work on any machine, including triumphs.

give this chap a go, he really deserves it.