[REVIEW] After-market Fairings for GSXR from MOTOCC

Decided I wanted something different for my bike and took the plunge of getting after market fairings for her.

The delivery time was roughly 3 weeks and I did have to pay import duty (roughly £35), the fairing kit itself was £595. The reason why I decided to get the bit more expensive ones than direct through ebay was because motocc is a uk registered company resulting me in a bit more consumer protection is something were to happen.

Anyway back to the fairings themselves, they came well packaged and the finish of them were really good. Feeling the plastic you can definitely tell that the quality of the plastics are not as good as OEM but then again they are a fraction of the cost, if not compared with OEM then the plastics are of good quality.

Upon fitting, most of the parts slotted and fitted in although there were some pieces that required a bit of brute force whether that is down to the moulding of it being inaccurate or myself just putting it wrong.

Overall it took me most of the day to fit everything and I think I was close to losing it when I joked to myself “oh its the wrong hole, I’ve heard that before” for the 100th time. Would I do all this again? Probably not but it was a good experience and learnt some new stuff about my own bike which can’t be a bad thing.

Anyway here are the results, no drilling just screw:

Looks good…
Only problem iv had with them (Apart from them ‘stretching’ in a few hundred miles causing gaps) the paint fades alot quicker than OEM, BUT… They do look good from here & iv fitted a few sets. Personally I think they are defo worth the money.