Reverse Gear

Now this is one heck of a reverse gear!

think thats a had to be there moment

Looks loud, so do they get parking-assistence as an option on those things? You could run over a small shop and not notice whilst reversing that thing.

thats whats amazing about the reverse, he slewed that bird right around the corner without assistance…keep in mind he is blind on both sides and behind ,not to mention he is using the reverse thrust to power up and down

Impressive, and I know how loud they can be…

But I’m sure he’d give it up in a sec for a seat in an F15, reverse or not…

reverse will only ever take you backwards…

forwards is the way ahead…


Wish my wife could reverse like that!!! don’t tell her i said that though

Nice one Grasshopper

i cant belive i wasted a minute and a half of my life watching that… no one died or anything!!

now i was thinkin that but wonted to be nice

but its true

if you look carefully an any got run over on the reverse…

and a fly got owned by the engine

Cool clip that thing is a monster!