Revere / CBR 600 Forks swap

I am in the process of getting a Revere back on the road, and I have heard ( through wikipedia ) that in the US, the Hawk ( Bros to us ) is used, either in a one make series or by club racers & a common mod is to use CBR 600 41mm forks ( apparently, they drop straight into the yokes ). Now, what I need to know is, are all CBR 600 RWU forks 41mm, or is it only for a few years?

Also, if I go down the path of using the twin brake system ( as I hope to do ), can I expect any clearance problems, if I use the Revere yokes - cos I’ve got risers and flat bars fitted & it’d be a pain in the ase to change back ( & my mate would fit the bars & yokes up my ase )

I hope you have some good info for me & thanks for reading