retro, classic. custom bikes etc

I suppose this is the closest forum we got for the new triumph bonneville, thruxton etc similar bikes.

just wondering who out there has that type of bike and into thr rocker scene etc?

old new triumphs, brit bikes, brat style bikes etc you get the picture.

Corr, that’s a really clean 04 plate - here’s my dirrty 60 plate

cheers m8, yeah not ridden much and just got it back from insurers, some twat rear ended me at a red light, all went ok fixed bike paid out within a month.

hopefully get some rideouts on the go in the new yr etc.

Chopper, that bike looks awesome ! :slight_smile: I’d have one

daja vu

The blue and white is my second, had a black for 12 weeks when a BMW side swipped me off the road and wrote it off, just settled after 2 years.

just thought id add that im well into the rocker scene, and although i dont have enough pennies yet, my favourite bike is probably a boneville. at the moment however my ybr custom will suffice, you know, till i get a big boy license!

PS, your bikes are both beautiful…

Blimey chop, I could watch myself eat my breakfast off those crank cases…

That’ll be the chrome finish sprocket and stator covers

A chrome chain guard may look the part on there, I’ll be keeping the black and satin lacquered alloy - less cleaning more riding :wink:

no you bloody wont!, get all grease and crap on my crank cases. how dare you, lol

Heres mine , mind you its a old photo and a few changes have been made since , 2006 scrambler had it about five years .

nice 1 m8, i like the scrampblers, tried 1 out at bike show and fealt so right etc, always wanted a bonnie though tis why i have 1, lol.

where you based? them houses look familiar but i presume could be a common design/build, lol

It’s Barret or Fairview style brick so very common indeed.

We should start a rat bike section as well. I think me and Numnun would be the only members.

I’d worry about exhaust burns buck

Is that a genuine Triumph oil stain or do you just park it there for authenticity :ermm:

Im in Thamesmead , the oil stain in genuine it keeps the old boys happy when they reminisce about the old days , as for the exhaust no problems with it burning , just got to remember not to touch it .

Here’s mine.
Bought in September.
It’s lovely. :slight_smile:


AM liking the Guzzi :wink:

Nice looking Guzzi

Back in the day it was always a worry about dropping them and damaging the heads/barrels on those big parallel V twins, same as with the BMW ‘airheads’ and Honda’s parallel sixes.

I got some engine bars to fit coz yes dropping it is a worry.
It’s also got the Hepco & Becker rack and panniers fitted now.