Restrictor kit

Hi everybody,
bcs I´m not sure if I can drive fully opened motorcycle in near future, I´m looking for some restriction kits. I found a and they have a restriction kits for lots of motorcycles. Have somebody any experience with it? Can somebody esplain me how this restriction works-i mean if I buy some bike and order a restriction kit, what I must do after that? I´m sorry for stupid questions, but I´m new in bikeworold in UK, In my country u cannot officialy restrict a motorcycle, this is a new things for me…thanks for help!

ur local bike garage should be able to do it for you,

im sure people could recommend you a good place…

if ur in east london, howard & powell are good

Thanks…I live at Watford, there is Lloyd Cooper, tomorrow I want go there ask for it…

hope they can sort it out for u… only problem is restrictions kits are not cheap :frowning:

Yes,i know, its cost 178 pounds…but its better that nothing, bcs from 250 ccm bikes (33 bhp bikes) its there just Ninja 250…

You can get restrictor kits from FI for £150+, and they send you a nice piece of paper to say you’ve got one.
You can also get restrictor kits from ebay and the like for £15. Many manufacturers to ‘genuine’ ones for bikes that’re likely to be restricted for ~£50.

They’re basically discs of metal with holes in that fit in the inlet tube between the carb and cylinder. Effectively, they reduce the maximum throttle opening.

The big selling point of the FI kit is the piece of paper, which is mostly useless. The important bit is that the bike makes no more than 33bhp at the rear wheel, not that you’ve a piece of paper verifying the existence of washers in your inlets. The chances of anyone being particularly interested as to the power output of the bike while the bike is in any position to prove it is minimal.

Thank u for good information! By the way, in czech is most important thing this piece of paper, there is no chance to proove this 33 bhp in wheel. You just need this paper…

I paid £150 to F1 to restrict my bike, you pay for the certificate really as the parts do not cost this much. Also the certificate is non-transferable so they make more money reissuing it. I didn’t know any alternative and the dealer put the restrictor on for me so paid the amount but if there’s a cheaper alternative on ebay or something i’d go with that!

thanks…however if you realy dont need this piece of paper and more important think is, that you have no more that 33 bhp on rear wheel, how you proof this? If (for example) cops stop you on road, how you proof that you have a restricted bike? Thanks for answers, Im sorry for (maybe) stupid questions, but this is absolutly new things for me…

Certificate is part proof but if the cops do not believe your bike is restricted they will get it tested on a rolling road even if you have the certificate. If they find your bike isn’t restricted then your bike will be impounded and don’t know the penalties and charges associated with this.

Yes, now i understeand, (in my country police cannot use a rolling road)…If I understeand if right, I can buy motorcycle and restriction kit (rom example from ebay - cheap), apply this restriction kit on bike and i can drive legaly, i dont need this piece of paper…Im right? Im very sorry that i repeat questions, but i dont want to have any troubles…

I am not sure if the certificate is compulsory so can’t answer for certain. But regardless if you have the certificate or not, if the police are in doubt about whether the kit is fitted, they will test your bike. Because you could easily get the kit fitted and certified only to remove it once it’s let the workshop…sorry couldn’t answer your question.

You can try Avsco which is in watford