Replacement Horns

Prompted by a post in Products & Upgrades, I’m moved to ask the following, having replaced the single, rather pathetic horn on my X9 with a pair of twin-tone, louder ones:is it really a good move or am I disguising my bike by making it sound like a different, more substantial vehicle?

For example, if I hear the blast of big, two-tone air-horns I expect to see a f**king great artic bearing down, not a svelt, by-comparison small motor-cycle which, therefore, I just might not ‘see’.

Any thoughts, anyone?(Edited for a spelling mistake I’ve only just spotted :ermm: )

Naah, I reckon they have seen you and by the time their cage brain has gotten into gear, you will be way past em…:slight_smile:

I agree, by the time they’ve looked they will have already hit you or you’ll be past them. Horns seem to stop dodgy/old/incompetent people doing what they are currently half way through doing, temporarily, usually :slight_smile:

I think the louder the better. The horn on my Fuoco was even weedier than the X9 one - so replaced with a two-tone set. This really does work, I probably use it once every couple of days to stop some numpty starting to do something. Especially useful for those blind idiots who try to straight-line busy roundabouts.

hi all i own a gsx 600 and i could fart louder than my horn so decided to look about me mates shed and found a new car horn same design and fittings so fitted it straight away 10 min f…k me what a difference and its helped me out a few times well worth louder the better because of most car drivers dont bother using mirrors proply and when they hear that LOUD BLAST there ass goes and guess what they then use there mirrors go for it im speaking from experience

The standard horn on my Honda CBF600 is no more than a squeeker so I upgraded for a 95 db single tone horn that would fit exactly on the same fittings as the original. It is much louder and people hear me.

The fact they they cannot tell that it is a bike is an advantage as it causes them to stop whatever they were going to do first and then look round to see what it is afterwards.

I don’t think i’ve ever used the hooter on my TL :w00t:

Probably wouldn’t hear it over the cans anyway:D

I’ve never herd it run, come to think of it I’ve never seen it :smiley:

You was at The Ace one newbie night, I sat at the lights next to you do-nut:PMust be your age;):cool:

That was yonks ago, been a bed since then ;)Maybe you’ll bring it to this newbie meet, save it seezin up on you :smiley:

It will be me that seizes up if I ride before March;):DI’m away for the Newbie meet otherwise i might have;)And I will be missing the Inbreds Meet too:w00t:

I forgot your one of the tax and insure it for 6 months brigade :DHope Veronica’s has been warned your be about strutting your stuff ;)Here Tug’s looking for a new bike :w00t:

Insured all year round mate:w00t:Sorn’d for 6;):smiley:

I would agee. I had, and still do have exactly the same concerns but I fitted the louder horn anyway. If the car has a young oik blasting his drum and base or whatever then I want him/her to know that I am there.

There is no such thing as a horn that’s too loud. Only a driver, and yes, an odd rider, that’s too deaf/deafened or stupid to hear.

The big problem is getting over the 100/200/…500 watts of the ICE. (Apparently that “in car entertainment”.) Now watch for IHE. (“In helmet entertainment”.)

Then there is hands free mobile phones and talking satnav.

That still don’t explain Post Office van drivers.

Part of me says “just fit anything that works”. the other bits say “why don’t the manufacturers?”


I fitted a 136db “monster” horn to my VFR and what a difference it made. Pedestrians would leap into the air, drivers would dive for the pavement, trucks would jack knife and I would ride blithly on. Seriously though, when it was needed it made a difference. I tend to ride like they cannot see or hear me and my bike is bright yellow, lid is white, Hi Vis vest and lights on…:cool:

I’ve also got a replacement horn still to be fitted to my bike, but it’s bigger than the stad so haven’t figured where to put it yet. It’s a Stebel air horn, 120db I think… enough to get peoples attention… in the next county!

That is so funny:D I have never considered changing my horn as i only use it very very rarely, but now thinking of it its not very loud and if i ‘beep’ the fool doing a sudden u turn in front of me they just about hear it. I tend to rev up alot when filtering to make them aware of me, and high beam pointed at their mirrors (if they got them folded out).:hehe:

This one’s worth a look, cheap and 134db :smiley:

Get some of these… :w00t: