Replacement bulb for CBF

went out just now to pick up some things and realised i had no dipped beam - only high beam.:ermm:

the dipped beam bulb has gone…:blink:

where can i get a replacement (apart from Chiswick Honda that will charge loads :wink: )


check the fuse first ?..the bulb should be easily avalible from any car shop

it should tell you what type it is in the owners handbook

yep any car shop and halfords do a range for bikes as well

thanks guys… its def not the fuse as only the dipped bulb is out not the high one…

but i checked just to be sure :smiley:

btw what is the deal with HID?

can i just put one of those instead with no other changes?
is it legal?
anything else i should keep in mind?

don’t touch the bulb glass when putting the new bulb in