Renew your EV VED now

Those who own EVs might not be aware from April they will be charged VED at the standard rate (£180).

If you renew now, you will get another 12 months at the £0 rate.

Just click ‘No’ when you reach the ‘have you got a reminder?’ question. Then enter the number from your V5C.


I thought it was from April 2025, did that change?

So I asked my friend who tipped me off, his reply:-

Indeed. The EV tax will be introduced April '25 & thus I would have been paying it in Nov '25 when mine became due. By renewing now, my next renewal will be March '25 and it will be March '26 before I stump up the new tax.

So hopefully the same ‘trick’ will apply if you renew in March 2025?

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