Removing A Meta M357T

Anyone know the cost of removing an alarm/immob these days?

Seems like my Meta alarm/immob on the SV1 is on it’s way out. The system keeps becoming unresponsive and stops me starting the bike at times. This always happens when I’ve armed the alarm). This prevents me disarming the immobilizer leaving me with an unstartable bike.
I literally have to pull the positive terminal off the battery for a while then put it back on to hopefully kick the alarm into life.

From what I’ve been told the internal battery inside the alarm give out after around 10years so I can’t really complain. It always did its job.

It’s a M357TV2

Yep, 10 year life span on internal battery. The one on my Fazer did the exact same thing.

You have two options, swap the control box for a new one. Half hour job and £130 ish.
Or you remove the control box, then short a couple of pins on the loom re-mobilise your bike.

I did the former and stuck a little write up on my blog here:

The latter approach, I’m not up on the details of. Though there’s a chap on the Fazer FOC-U forum who recently mailed out details to a guy with same problem.

Hey Arfa, sorry about the late reply and thanks for this info.
Since the meta went funny I left the bike sitting for over a month. Only recently I tried starting it again. I turned the ignition on to wake it from sleep mode, pressed the fob and it chirped just fine. The bike seems to be working fine now and has been working flawlessly over the past 3 days.

If it plays up again (and I think it will at some point) I’ll consider one of these options.
Cheers mate.

Rob Brown removed mine for a very reasonable fee. I can’t remember the exact numbers, but a dealer quoted me silly money.

Update. I’ve pulled out the Meta M357TV2 alarm unit and simply bridged 2 connectors with paper clips.
Bike fires up!!! Was way too easy.

Total cost: 0p
Time taken: 30mins

total cost: 0p ? paperclips aint free you know. lol. any chance of a pic i`m thinking about taking mine off. cheers

Sorry, I also forgot to mention the electrical tape used for water proofing… additional costs!

No pics because I was an eager beaver about it.
Make sure it’s a M357TV2 (the old version is different)

  1. Take off the security cover on the alarm unit. I used a flat-head screw driver and just pushed hard and turned on the security screws.
  2. Disconnect the unit
  3. Bridge the white connector to itself (that’s the starter motor)
  4. Bridge pin 3 & 5 counting from left to right on the top row.

If it doesn’t turn over check step (3)
If the starter turns over but doesn’t idle (no fuel injection noise) then check step 4 is correct.
If you don’t have a white connector then it means you have the old Meta V1. For that you must bridge 3 to 4 and 5 to 6