Remove your helmet please, now!

I have no evidence for the helmet detection cameras. I was simply told about them by a member of the Munich police force. I have no reason to doubt her. She did mention it was just being tested at the moment.

Just remember there is still a big Hells Angels vs Banditos issues in many parts of Germany.

I have refused to use the Texaco on Albert Embankment since they refused to serve me until I removed my helmet. They didn’t like it when I pointed out that the two people in front of me in the queue had firearms but had not been asked to remove their helmets …

I wont get petrol from anywhere that insists I take my lid off, particularly through winter.

Surely that’s more of an arse than just taking your helmet off?

BP usually don’t ask me to take the helmet off so I tend to get my petrol from them (I think I did it once around midnight).

I don’t get petrol from Shell unless I have to. Once I had earplugs in and couldn’t hear the announcement asking me to take it off. Getting everything back on again was just a hassle, especially when I already did so 10 minutes earlier.

Become a Sikh then you don’t need to bother with a helmet. I saw one today on the A4 West riding a 600RR with no helmet like a boss.

Braintree cinema insisted that they put my lid in the managers office, in case I had recording equipment. Oddly, they had no interest in my mega pixel smart phone. Morons.

I have won a flip up for the last 20 years or so - once flipped up nobody asks me to take it off…

I’m not a fan of Flip ups, I’d be worried incase it Failed on a full frontal face plant, I know they are tested and pass all kinds of safety inspections, but it would still worry the life out of me.

I normally pay at the pump, so no need. As for the shops, I do take it off, seems like the polite thing to do.

Keep it on, then you don’t even have to pay.

As I wear a balaclava underneath it makes little difference to me. In petrol stations I’m usually mindful if there are signs requesting it, I’ve had a few times where I’ve walked in and they’ve asked me after I’ve filled up which gets me fired up. People really don’t appreciate how much of a hassle it is to take your helmet off when you’ve got wired microphone / d ring fastener / balaclave (always bunches up if i’ve been wearing and it’s moist and i try to put helmet back on).

Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences and opinions with me, much appreciated. A lot of people have found that flip ups are more interpersonal.