Remove your helmet please, now!

Hi, how’s life?

Quick question. Just wanted to know if anyone has had to remove their helmets in places you would assume you would be allowed to keep it on? Some people have been rudely asked to remove their helmets, just as they were taking it off. Some people have had run ins with security because of their helmet. KMT teeth, yeah I’m really gonna try rob this place with my bike clearly parked in view of a camera; where my licence plate can be read. I’m really gonna steal from Sainsbury’s with a Sainsbury’s bag for life in my hand. Have respect for my life! It’s the middle of the week and supplies are a bit low at home and I don’t feel like takeaway today and it’s raining outside and work was a pain in the rear end. Same for the petrol station, you can clearly see me filling up or I’m approaching the counter to pay and you can clearly see the card/money in my hand. :expressionless: I digress… Just wondering if anyone has had any issues concerning this?

These events have not happened to me but others, I would remove my helmet. Just wanted your view points on the issues raised.


I think we’d disagree on places you’d assume it’s right and normal to keep a helmet on. I don’t think I’ve ever walked into a supermarket with a bike helmet on.

I do it all the time… mind you I think I’m stopped because I’m not wearing anything else :smiley:

All private premises,perfectly entitled to ask you to remove your lid

I’ve been asked to once in France, but I usually do anyway otherwise my glasses steam up and I can’t see how much fuel I’m putting in the bike

Not this again… Just take the damn helmet off if they ask you to. It’s not that much of a chore. Although having said that I have gone into Sainsburys to just pick up some milk and nothing was said. On the petrol station front I find it’s only the Texaco/ coop ones that have an issue with it.
Side note as I have mentioned on a different thread in Germany they now have cameras at petrol stations that call the police if you do not remove your helmet.

Nobody mention the B word please!

In winter I leave my helmet on to pay for petrol because it’s a faff getting the helmet/buff/jacket all layered back up again. These days I rarely pay in the kiosk anyway unless I need something from the shop. Never had a problem with leaving the helmet in the petrol station, if someone kicked up a fuss I’d just go along with it and avoid them in future.

Other than that, I’d rather take the helmet off anyway. I see a few people shopping in flip front helmets and that’s probably the best option if you want to leave your lid on in the supermarket

Thanks for the info regarding Germany, off to the Black Forest in two weeks…

Wearing a full burkah? under your helmet?

generally if there is an encounter with people, i take the helmet off and be a human towards them.

i keep the helmet on if i use the pay at pump.

Side note as I have mentioned on a different thread in Germany they now have cameras at petrol stations that call the police if you do not remove your helmet.

That sounds like a ridiculous waste of police time. Got any sources for that?

thats exactly what i was thinking.
i’d keep the helmet on and wait for them to show up just to make them waste their time if thats so. :smiley:

I have a petrol station near me that allows me to wear the helmet so i only use them, if i’m filling up in a new petrol station i will aknowledge the attendant and if he wants me to take the lid off i will, if they are happy for it to stay on i leave it on. But as for shops etc i think it is really rude to leave it on so i take it off before even entering the Shop

Sam keeping your lid on is the best advice you can get :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s why I always wear a flip helmet nowadays. I think it’s only right allow people to see your face if you are interacting with them. I even flip it up when I need to shout at car drivers.

You never need to shout at car drivers.

lol, Cheers Roy :slight_smile: Thats why i also have an Iridium Visor, just in case they get a sneaky look inside and get Scared

I wear open face and am always challenged in Tesco, but never in Lidl. Another good reason to shop there.

@Big Red S

My bad for not explaining another biker was telling me about a experience they had at Tesco, with a security guard. The guy was taking his helmet off and it was pouring with rain. To get a bit of shelter they stepped into the front bit. Before they proceeded to the entrance they were unbuckling their helmet and this was insight of the security guard. They were literally seconds away from taking it off and the security guard was all in their face.

Just to say guys, this hasn’t happened to me; it’s happened to other people. I would take it off, I just wanted know where you stand on the issue. :slight_smile: